Construction Litigation & Lien Law

Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak represents owners, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, public and private property owners, and professionals in all aspects of construction-related disputes. Whether the matter involves personal injury or contract interpretation, the Firm’s goal is to quickly isolate the issues with an eye toward expedient resolution so as to avoid costly and time consuming litigation. In cases where litigation cannot be averted, Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak has an excellent track record in its ability to enforce a client’s contractual remedies, thereby either maximizing its recovery or minimizing its exposure.

The Firm’s creative problem-solving approach was demonstrated recently when one of its clients recovered in excess of $200,000 from one party while receiving full and complete indemnification for its costs and attorney fees from a co-defendant, essentially affording the client a substantial recovery in a case where it was defending numerous claims.

Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak has utilized its expertise in representing clients involved in a broad scope of projects, including highway construction, commercial, industrial and residential structures, sewage treatment facilities, and refining projects. Claims attendant to such matters have included issues of lien disputes, faulty workmanship, personal injury and death.