Toxic Tort, Hazardous Materials & Environmental

In today‚Äôs world Corporations, Insurance Carriers and Individuals face a variety of claims and potential claims involving the use of or exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and contaminants. Chemicals which are an essential element in manufactured products, the manufacturing process and industrial and commercial settings can result in claims for personal injury, property damage and administrative penalties, as well as complex insurance issues. Our firm has the resources and expertise necessary to address the challenges presented by such a diverse and constantly changing field. We continue working with and locating medical and scientific experts and literature to address the technical requirements of these cases. We maintain a detailed trial brief on the critical legal issues specific to this litigation. Pedersen, Keenan, King, Wachsberg & Andrzejak has been involved in the full spectrum of toxic tort claims, from “bad building” claims to mass tort litigation involving asbestos, TDI, benzene, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, paint and caustic fumes, carbon monoxide, and other chemical exposures. Firm members have repeatedly demonstrated the necessary technical expertise, organizational skills and the ability to coordinate and develop an effective plan aimed at resolving a dispute in an efficient manner.

In addition, we have developed a case management data base and reporting system designed to track critical information and provide custom reporting to clients in mass tort litigation involving thousands of claims.